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Major Grants

As we celebrate our Founder The Prince of Wales’s 70th Birthday, here is a short video with seven stories showing how The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund is helping to transform lives and build sustainable communities. Streetwise Opera, Hearts and Minds, Penny Brohn UK, Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, BIGKID Foundation, The Thomas and Elizabeth Mayhook Charity and Send a Cow are seven of the many charities we are proud to support.

Menai Bridge Scouts making swift mobiles

PWCF awarded a grant of £25,000 to the North Wales Wildlife Trust towards their work supporting swifts, a bird which migrates to Britain for 3 months of the year and is the fastest bird in level flight. Swift numbers have declined drastically in Wales in recent years, suffering a 57% decrease between 1995 and 2011, partly due to a loss of suitable buildings for nesting caused by buildings being refurbished.

Tusk project - Rangers at the counter-poaching training programme

The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation (PWCF) awarded a grant to Tusk to support their work to tackle poaching and the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. PWCF funded two projects which focussed on training rangers in proven interception tracking tactics; training park level intelligence staff for their role; and improving the co-ordination of information sharing between protected areas.