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Highgrove Enterprises pledges to be plastic free by end of 2018

Highgrove Enterprises pledges to be plastic free by end of 2018

Highgrove Enterprises is pleased to announce that from the end of 2018 the business will no longer use non-recyclable, single use plastic packaging in its products. For more than forty years, The Prince of Wales, Founder of Highgrove Enterprises, has been campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and waste management, including reducing the use of plastics.

At Highgrove Enterprises, The Prince of Wales has lead by example with the great majority of product lines already free from plastic. By the end of 2018, all non-recyclable single use plastics will be removed from product packaging to ensure the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Christine Prescott, CEO at Highgrove Enterprises, said: “As a business we have always strived to operate as sustainably as possible. Since opening our first Highgrove shop we have only ever used FSC approved paper shopping bags and have always kept packaging to a minimum. We are continuously making improvements to our environmental practices and this latest step is an important one in reducing our environmental impact still further.

“Unfortunately, the use of plastic to protect goods from damage is systemic in manufacturing, with products often delivered already pre-packaged by the manufacturer. We will be working closely with our suppliers over the course of the year to ensure we achieve our goals and eliminate the use of non-recyclable single use plastic packaging from our product ranges.”

Highgrove Enterprises was established in 1988 to raise money for The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation. The organisation operates garden tours at The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall’s private residence in Gloucestershire, as well as a retail operation which prides itself on supporting traditional crafts and artisan makers. Highgrove Enterprises has raised over £6.6million for charitable causes.

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Notes to Editors

*A.G. Carrick Ltd trading as Highgrove Enterprises.